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BIS Infection


British International School has a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of all learners and employees as well as a duty of care. In addition to this the prevention and control of infection is essential in helping to establish a safe and secure environment in which students can learn and develop through play.

Minimise sources of contamination
✓ We will ensure staff has Food Hygiene Certificate or other training in food handling.
✓ We store food that requires refrigeration, covered and dated within a refrigerator, at a temperature of 5 ° C or below.
✓ We wash hands before and after handling food.
✓ We clean and disinfect food storage and preparation areas.
✓ Food is bought from reputable sources and used by recommended date.

To control the spread of infection
✓ We ensure good hand washing procedures (toilet, handling animals, soil, food)
✓ We cover all cuts and open sores.
✓ Aprons are worn when preparing or handling food.
✓ We wear protective clothing when dealing with accidents. (e.g. gloves and apron)
✓ A protocol is in place that is followed regarding contact with blood and body fluids.

o Gloves and apron worn
o Soiled articles sealed in a plastic bag
o Staff aware of procedures for the prevention of HIV infection

To raise awareness of hygiene procedures
✓ Inform all attending adults of the existing policy and procedures.
✓ Insure that student induction includes this information.
✓ Provide visual instructions where possible for ease of understanding.

To prevent the persistence and further spread of infection
✓ Ensure that dedicated sinks are clearly marked.
✓ Be vigilant as to signs of infection persisting or recurring.
✓ Remind parents not to bring a child to school who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.
✓ Ask parents to keep their child at home if they have an infection, and to inform the front office as to the nature of the infection.
✓ All suspected cases of infections should be reported to the school nurse for examination and advice.