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 Terms and Conditions of Admission: 

Parents are advised to read in full the School’s terms and conditions before submitting an application. Parents who submit an application to the school will be subject to the terms and conditions detailed below. If you are unsure about any information contained within this page, please speak to a member of the Admissions Team who will be able to advise you further.

Submit application form with two passport pictures of your child, a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport, a testimonial from the last school attended, a medical report of the child, the child’s past term report card, transcript

Application and testing fee is non-refundable and is required before or during the interview for admission.

The school will supply exercise books, polo shirts, PE shirt and welcome letter upon payment of admission fees. Information on the school and class will be provided to parents at a new parents meeting which will be arranged by the Head of school on a due date.


  1. Deposits Payments
  • To reserve a place in the school, applicants must pay the full prescribed fees as indicated in the conditional offer letter.
  • Parents must allow at least 3 working days for bank cheques or direct bank transfers to clear and up to 30 working days for a foreign country bank draft to clear.
  • Parents will be liable to pay all necessary bank and/or transfer charges for any application process.
  • The Account will issue a green card to student upon full payment before the child will be given a placement in the school.


  1. Payment of fees

2.1 Parents are required to settle the Registration, Resources and Term Tuition fees in advance, before enrolment. All fees are expected to be fully paid on or before the first day of school each term.  Parents will be given the last day of the first month of term to settle all other outstanding bills, after which pupils will not be allowed to take part in lessons until all bills are fully settled. To benefit from this instalment payment, parent must send a post dated cheque to the head of account at the school latest by close of second day of school.

2.2 Parents are encouraged to pay their Tuition fee in advance as per the due dates to avoid late penalty fee of 5% and forfeiting of siblings discounts, as and where applicable. Remember you will be charged the 5% on any outstanding bill after first month of school. This will include all who decide to pay half on first day of school and make the other half payment at end of the first month. This penalty fee will apply on all other special payment plans approved by the school. We encourage all to try and make all payment on or before first day of school to avoid any such penalty.

2.3 Parents have the option to pay their fee in two instalments (ie. Half of the fee paid on or before first day of school and remaining balance by end of the first month); this will attract a service charge of 5% per child and instalments must be paid by cash deposit, direct transfer, standing order or Bankers Draft. An instalment plan must be obtained before start of the Academic year or term. This will be in liaison with the Head of Accounts & Finance and subject to management committee’s approval. All payments must be made at the bank into the school’s account and not at the school. After making the direct deposit or wire transfer, you must present a copy of the deposit slip or transfer authorization to the account department for an official BIS receipt. The school will not be blamed for any such unrecognized payments if the parent refuse to present the payment slip and obtain an official school receipt.

All wire transfer instructions must have the name and the class of the student written on the slip. Please note that all transfer and collection charges will be borne by parent or guardian or sponsor. Indicate your ward’s name and British International School’s name on all wire transfers to the school. You can E-mail a scanned copy to bisfinancemanger@yahoo.com , m.awuku@bisghana.com or info@bisghana.com.

2.4 Dates on which payments are due are clearly indicated on the Invoice and it is the responsibility of individual parents to ensure fees are paid on time.

2.5 The School reserves the right to suspend or expel any student who has overdue fees.

2.6 Students who have overdue fees may be refused entry to the School premises and suspended from attending classes and/ or using any of the school facilities. This includes the right for the school to refuse letter requests and cancel student name from the enrolment register.

2.7 The preferred method of payment is by cash deposit or cheque deposit at the bank and not at the School’s Accounts Department. Cheques should be made payable to “The British International School”.

2.8 It is requested that no payment is to be made at the School’s Account Department. Parents who pay by electronic transfer are requested to quote the invoice number, student name and class as transaction reference and submit a receipt of this transaction to the accounts department either by hand delivery or via email to bisfinancemanger@yahoo.com.

2.9 Any student who is suspended, expelled or withdrawn by the School for breach of the school’s terms and conditions is not entitled to any refund; he/she will also be liable to pay the remainder of the fee, in its entirety, at the discretion of the School.

2.10 The School will take such action, including recourse to the legal process, as it deems necessary to recover all outstanding debt. Any such action will also include the recovery of reasonable costs incurred by the School in relation to the recovery procedures.

2.11 The School will charge an additional monthly 10% late fee surcharge after the instalment due dates (end of first month of school term) has elapsed and payment has still not been made by a parent. Parents/Students will incur a penalty charge for each missed instalment. Late fee implies any fee paid after the first day of the school term as well as default in payment plan dates.

2.12 The whole remaining fee becomes immediately payable for students who are in breach of their agreement without prior written consent from the School after the end of the first month of the school term; this is at the discretion of the School.

2.13 Invoices for the Annual/ termly fees are generally handed out at the time of enrolment for new students and for existing students, posted  prior to the end of each term, with payment due 14 days on or before the beginning of the preceding term. In the event of the invoice still not having been received 1 week prior to the end of term, the Accounts Office should be contacted and a duplicate invoice obtained. Misplacement or non-receipt of the original invoice will not be considered a valid reason for failure to pay the fees by the due date.

2.14 Tuition fees for the term are payable in full regardless of sickness or absence for other reasons (including study leave). Where payment has been made by cheque and the issued cheque is not honoured by the bank for whatever reason, a further administrative charge of US$100 will be levied.

2.15 In the event of the non-payment of school fees by the due date, the School reserves the right to remove the student from the school roll and offer the place to a student on the waiting list and the school may resort to legal means to collect all outstanding balances.

2.16 Parents/Students must remember at all times that the school’s agreement is with the Individual parents/students and they are liable to pay the school all the prescribed fees, as and when necessary. The employer of the parents will have nothing to do with the school.

2.17   No students are allowed to enter the class if school fees have not been paid on due date, also s/he will not be allowed to sit any examinations if the appropriate fees have not been paid in full.

2.18 Where a student unable to write his or her end of term examination due to non – payment of fees after the normal exam has been conducted, the school shall conduct a special exam shall be conducted at extra cost of US$150 or GHC600 after the fee is paid within the term before and before end of term.


  1. Termly Invoice/Bill

3.0 The Account department shall invoice all parent by the end of every term. The fees shall be quoted in Ghana Cedis and the United State Dollars using equitable rate to guide those parents making payment by transfer from outside Ghana.

3.1 Any parent in Ghana desiring to pay in Dollars should pay the face value of the bill quoted in United State Dollars.

3.2 Any parent outside Ghana desiring in Cedis should pay the face value of the fee quoted on the bills


  1. Payment Plan

Tuition fees can be paid in two (2) equal installments in accordance to the conditions stipulated in section 2.3 of this terms and conditions. Please note that this option attracts a 5% interest of the stipulated terms fees. Which will be charged separately and added to your fee.


First Installment: 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 1st September or first day of school. Second installment: Final 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 1st October or last day of September.

Term 2:

First installment: 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 2nd January or first day of school. Second Installment: Final 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 1st February or last day of January.

Term 3:

First Installment: 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 1st April or first day of school. Second Installment: Final 50% of the term’s fee to be paid on or before 1st May or last day of April.


  1. Other charges

5.1 Other fees are payable in individual cases. These include:

  • IGCSE and ‘A’ Level examination entry fees 
  • CPC  for year 6 and CS1 CP for year 9 students
  • ESL
  • Other service fees. i.e bus fee
  • Specific School outings 
  • International trips 
  • Extracurricular activities

Fees for these and arrangements for payment will be notified separately.


5.2 Please note that total IGCSE and A-level fees can amount to several thousands of Ghana Cedis and will be increased by British Council if the Examining Board increases their fees. Entry into examinations and activities for which fees are due will be denied where relevant charges or tuition fees have not been paid.


  1. Refund policy

6.1 Refunds will only be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in clauses 6.2 to 6.10, and provided students requesting a refund have complied fully with the School’s terms and conditions.

6.2 It is the policy of the School not to refund tuition fees. If unforeseen and pressing circumstances result in a student having to leave before the start of a new term, a 50% refund of tuition fees may be considered, provided that the School has received written notice prior to the due date for advance payment of fees for that term. Such refunds will be granted solely at the discretion of the School and only in exceptional circumstances.

6.3 All applications for refunds must be made in writing by submitting a completed ‘Refund Request Form’ to the Admissions Department at least 15 days prior to the term start date.

6.4 Where the school is unable to provide the programme of study for which a new student originally applied for, offered and accepted and the applicant does not want to take up a place on any alternative programme offered, the applicant will be considered for a refund.

6.5 Refunds will only be made by issuing a cheque to the student in the payee’s name.

6.6 Parents are liable to pay any bank/ transfer charges associated with the processing of a refund application.

6.7 The School will aim to process all refunds within 6 weeks from the date the complete ‘Refund Request Form’ and any supporting documents are received.

6.8 If the student is eligible for a refund of their fees by bank draft or cheque, the School will not be in any way responsible for the draft after its dispatch from the School premises and will not issue a replacement draft or cheque if it is lost or misplaced.

6.9 Refunds will not be made to a third party unless the School has received (written) explicit authorisation from the applicant. This should be in the form of a signed hard-copy letter from the parent, specifically authorising the School to refund their fees to a named third party. This condition applies regardless of the source of the original fee payment.

6.10 Refunds requested which are not in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy will be made at the discretion of Refund Committee of the school. 


  1. Term Deferral

7.1 Term deferrals will be approved in accordance with the School’s Admissions Policy.

7.2 Term deferrals are subject to application, payment of a deferral fee, and the School’s written approval.

7.3 Students are reminded that as per the School’s Admissions Policy all term deferral requests must be made in writing at least 15 days before the Term start date.

7.4 If a deferral is approved, a fee will be charged: (i) Full term fee for the term deferred.

7.5 Upon deferring the term, students waive their right to a refund. Where a student has deferred their term, and subsequently fails or attempts to withdraw from the school, no refund will be provided except at the sole discretion of the School.


8. Discounts on Fees


8.1. Discount Termly Fees

Parents with more than 2 children at BIS will pay less 5% of the third child’s fee, and less 10% off any subsequent child’s fee. To take advantage of this policy, please complete a form and submit to the account department if you have more than two children in the school.

 8.2 Discount on annual fees.

5% discount shall be granted to parents who make full annual fees at the beginning of the first term.

8.3 Discounts on Admission Fees

Parents with more than two children at BIS will pay less 10% of the second child’s fee, 15% of the third child’s fee and 20% of any additional child’s fee. To take advantage of this policy, please complete a form and submit to the account department if you have more than two children in the school.


  1. Re-registration

All continuing pupils and students are to re-register with a amount of US$200 for playgroup to reception, US$300 for year 1 to year 6 and US$400 for year 7 to year 13. The due date for the pre-registration is on or before 5th August after the third term being the beginning of a new academic year.

This will enable the school to plan adequately for returning students. In the case where a student does not pre-register, the school will not be held responsible for lack of accommodation in school for the student. 

For returning students, the pre-registration fee is part of the termly fee and not an extra fee to pay. It is to inform the school that part of next term’s fees has been made. This means you will pay less this amount when you are paying your fees in full. Please note it is not an extra fee but part of the fee. Please send pay-in slip to the account department to confirm pre-registration for the next academic year. 


  1. Personal Conduct:

The School imposes a strict code of conduct on its students. The school expects its students to behave responsibly and to act within the moral and legal norms of society, whether they are on school premises or otherwise.


  1. Damage to School Property & Loss of school resources Materials

Any pupil/student who is guilty of damaging school’s property or causes loss to school’s resources shall be subject to the provisions in the school’s code of discipline.


  1. Changes and Amendments:

The school reserves the right to amend the time table and advertised curriculum content, tuition fees and start dates for its terms at its discretion and without any prior notice.

The school reserves the right to conduct classes in any of the departments, premises, including temporarily hired or rented rooms.

The school reserves the right to amend or alter its prospectus at its discretion and without any prior notice.

The school reserves the right to amend or alter any or all of these Terms and Conditions at its discretion and without any prior notice.

Parents are reminded to visit the school website regularly for the details of up-to-date Terms and Conditions.  



  • It is the parent’s responsibility to provide valid and up-to-date contact information of them and, when appropriate, their representatives. This contact information should include a working e-mail address and phone number. The school will assume that any method of communication for which the parent has provided contact information, including e-mail, is secure. The school will not be liable for any damages, financial or otherwise, resulting from the release of the student’s personal information to a third party as a result of communication with an invalid or insecure contact point or the interception of communication with said contact point, be it a postal or e-mail address, a telephone or fax number or an SMS.
  • The parents confirm that all the information presented in support of the application is complete and accurate and that there are no issues of an academic, behavioural or medical nature that have not been disclosed.
  • The parents accept that the school reserves the right to require a student to leave if, subsequent to the submission of an application and the signing of The Terms and Conditions of Registration and Re-Registration at the end of each academic year, information is discovered or disclosed that would have led to the rejection of that application.
  • The parents accept that the school shall not be held responsible or liable for the loss of or damage to any delicate item brought into the school.