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Mr. Yaw Boateng

Welcome to British International School, Ghana. Our school is one of the most successful and prestigious schools in the Ghana. Our exceptional academic standards sit easily beside great endeavor and success in a wide range of other activities. BISG as a school is where, not only your child but your whole family will be welcomed and valued as a member of our community. We are very much conscious of the privilege we enjoy by virtue of being invited into the academic and emotional development of your child.

Living in a fast advancing world where the education that we give our children is more important than it has ever been, it behooves on us to ensure that they are assiduously groomed for an adult world that is no longer confined to national borders.  Our goal is to make our leaners function positively in a truly interdependent world with global challenges. Our focus is equipping learners with adequate skills to navigate their chosen paths successfully. Malcolm Gladwell once postulated, “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good.  It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”  In that light, we give our students as many opportunities as possible to practice, discover and learn from their mistakes as the initial steps to carving their names in the sands of time.

At BIS, we prepare learners to be the best they can be in a number of ways. Obviously, we want them to achieve the best that they can as they apply concepts learnt from school to face daily challenges. In making them lifelong learners, students are given the opportunity to explore, create and collaborate with others to solve complex problems.

This year, our guiding theme is, “Discipline; our tool for achieving excellence”. It is our expectation that action will be taken to help learners cultivate the desired positive habits for unleashing their individual potentials for maximum performance. The school administration will work so hard to ensure every member of the family achieves the set objective.

Education is not a preparation for life, but life itself, Welcome to the life of excellence.



LANGUAGESBIS offers a wide range of language syllabuses, including first, Second and Foreign Language options. Learners are encouraged to enjoy and appreciate the variety of language, and to understand and respond appropriately to what they read and hear.
The syllabuses develop the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both speech and writing, for study and employment. In demystifying the learning process, the department’s activities revolve around creative writing, debates, drama, poetry, publications, quizzes and various levels of presentation.
HUMANITIESIn offering Cambridge A Level/IGCSE humanities and social sciences subjects we aim at enabling learners to gain a deeper insight into the different social, geographical, political actors and economic systems, communities and cultures that exist around the world.
It is our expectation that our students will ultimately be able deploy acquired knowledge to explain daily phenomena. Subjects offered include History, Economics, Geography and Sociology.
As part of efforts towards making students develop a lifelong learning experiences we introduce activities such as field trips, nature walk, excursions/educational tours and seminars.
MATHEMATICSIn delivering the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics and its allied syllabuses, we encourage the development of mathematical knowledge as a key life skill, and as a basis for more advanced study. Learners have the opportunity to select from option codes that match their achievement level.
● Various methods are deployed to make learning fun and give learners the opportunity to explore.
● We use a lot of simulations and hands-on activities to demystify the concepts.
● A selling point for the department is the annual mathematics Olympiad through which many students pick the inspiration to relate maths to daily life.
CAMBRIDGE SCIENCEOur goal in delivering syllabus in Science is to guide learners to understand the basis of various scientific theories and further apply concepts learnt to explain phenomena. We deploy all strategies to ensure our learners become:
● Confident in working with information and ideas
● Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
● Reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn
● Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
● Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.
Subjects taught include coordinated science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Significant among the achievements of this department is the introduction of the annual projects day celebration and the Annual Inter Schools Quiz Competition.
BUSINESS, TECHNICAL & VOCATIONAL (CTV)Subjects pursued in the CTV Department are carefully tailored to equip learners with valuable technical and vocational knowledge or skill which add value to identified talents hidden in students. These include Art and Design, ICT, Music, Physical Education, Business Studies and Accounting.
The focus of this department is to foster a strong of talent and skill with knowledge acquired. Over the years the department has spearheaded the successful organization of various art exhibitions, concerts, simulations and won various laurels in sports.