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Early Years


Mrs. Abena Acheampong

Mrs. Abena Acheampong

On behalf of management, I welcome all parents of the BIS family back to school. May I also extend a very warm welcome to our new parents/guardians.  We have a great term ahead of us and I am particularly excited to welcome all our children back to school and into a new academic year. Our theme for 2017/2018 is “Celebrating a decade of academic excellence through hard work and discipline”

We are very glad to inform you about the significant success chalked in the final results of the 2017 IGCSE and Advanced Level Examinations.   As a result of numerous interventions, teamwork and diligence by staff, this year’s result is phenomenal to the extent that at the IGCSE level, for every subject the students obtained one or more A stars ( A*).  It is hoped that this standard will not only be maintained but improved upon as well.

As we all know, every new term comes along with new opportunities and challenges. It is self-serving that we change our way of doing things as we expect new results in various courses we will dare to navigate. It is up to us to take advantage of the new opportunities and convert our challenges into other opportunities. Underpinning all that we do as a school is the belief that all children can be successful and they should be encouraged to make the most of their talents.

This term is made up of fifteen teaching weeks and there are a lot of activities lined up to celebrate ten years of our existence.  In due course, you will be given the programme as lined up and you are invited to join us celebrate.

Our dedicated staff will ensure that each student has a safe and motivating learning experience in this new academic year and look forward in partnering with parents to help our children unearth their latent talents and achieve their full potentials.

We look forward to meeting you all at one point or the other during the school term. Your usual support and cooperation is very much appreciated. Our doors are open for any concerns and progress reports of your children.

I would like to reiterate that on behalf of Management and the entire teaching staff, we are looking forward to a great new term and working with all students and parents.


Mrs Abena Acheampong
Head (Early Years)


NumeracyCounting, rhymes and everyday experiences are applied to introduce and teach number concepts like recognition, colours, shapes, dimensions, patterns, addition, capacity, money, time and the application of the acquired skills to the real world.

Indoor and outdoor activities reinforce all the concepts taught.

LiteracyChildren learn songs, rhymes and sounds which aid their development in reading and writing. The use of phonic knowledge to decode regular words, aids in the reading and understanding of simple word sentences and progressively to reading books. Irregular yet common words are read and these boosts their reading wide skills.

Communication and language skills are achieved through listening and speaking activities like story time and drama where they demonstrate comprehension skills, awareness of and use of conversational skills. They also reinforce the use of correct grammatical tenses as they develop their narratives and explanations.

DiscoveryThe children are made aware of who they are and the environment they inhabit. This is achieved through different media both visual and audio. Nature and technology go hand in hand as the children discover and rediscover the world they live in. Nature walks and excursions boost the confidence in the children and enhances their knowledge of the world.
Art / CreativityRole play, drama, stories, music, dance and art are used to aid the children in their creative expression. Varied materials and media are used to meet their learning needs with special emphasis on self-expression and creativity.

The varied learning needs are met through a wide range of teaching methodologies and constant review of approaches as well as review of materials and theoretical changes in education. We strive to meet the needs of the various types of learners and value feedback through assessments and consultations with both internal and external customers.