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Junior School

Co-curricular activities play a vital role in a child’s holistic growth. These activities help to shape the cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of each child. Our Primary school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities designed to give learners lifelong experiences.



Optional Clubs
Homework (Kiddie & Primary)Homework club is organised to facilitate pupils’ understanding and completion of homework in a friendly, stress free environment in school. This also helps parents who may not be able to supervise their wards work at home.
Ballet (Kiddie & Primary)This activity allows pupils to acquire a sense of confidence, discipline, maintain focus and pride in what they can accomplish. It helps them to exercise and make good use of their psychomotor skills. It allows dancers to be graceful in their performance.
Kids Craft (Kiddie department)This club offers pupils the opportunity to use leaves, shapes, wrappers, clothes and papers to create their own art work.
Global Scholars (Upper Primary)This club is an online learning programme designed to connect pupils between the ages of 10 to 13 with other children globally. Guided by a unique curriculum, pupils engage in a dialogue in an E-classroom, develop global awareness and strengthen critical 21st century skills with their peers across the globe.
FrenchThe objective of this club is to enhance pupils’ fluency in reading and speaking skills in the French language
Keyboard and Drum set (Music club)The music club enables pupils who love music and are passionate to learn how to play any instrument of their choice to do so.
Tennis Academy (Primary)Tennis club is one of the most interesting clubs pupils sign up for. It introduces training session for pupils to build knowledge in various tennis activities. Pupils are prepared to participate in tournaments in different divisions.
Afternoon Games (Primary)This is a supplementary programme that gives pupils the chance to develop their skills in sporting activities like in football and basketball.