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Code of Conduct



1. Intentional failure to attend classes regularly (Student is in school but fails to attend classes)1st offence: Counselling
2nd offence: Parent-Teacher Conference
3rd offence: 1 week external suspension-dismissal
2. Leaving the school facility without administrative approval.1st offence: Parent - Teacher Conference
2nd offence: Will attract two days internal suspension.
Subsequent offences shall be referred to the disciplinary committee.
3. Uncompleted homework 1.6.1 Failure to present homework or project1st offence: Student will be assigned detention period during snack or lunch break and compelled to complete homework. Other assignments missed shall be completed before student goes home. If work is uncompleted student shall be assigned further detention period to complete all works. If continued behavior affects academic work, the student will not be promoted to the next level.
4. Possession of unauthorized items i.e. mobile phones, iPads, hand held gaming systems etc. (Cell phones kept in must be handed over to the admin secretary). The school or its officials shall not be responsible for the loss of any electronic gadget brought to school by students.1st offence: Confiscation with item sent to the Principal for parent pick up after one week.
2nd offence: Confiscation of item Returned at the end of the term and Parent notified.
3rd offence: Confiscation of item with Parent pick up at the end of the term.
5. Selling of any kind of electronic device i.e. cell phones, laptops, tablets etc. ( Social Outreach and Church related canvassing MUST be approved by the Principal FIRST)1st offence: Counselling, restitution & 1 week suspension
2nd offence: confiscation with parents pick up at the end of term.

NB: Students are not given clearance to bring laptops must demonstrate a high sense of responsibility since misuse of gadget could attract severe sanctions and loss of privileges.
6. Possession of offensive and dangerous weapons or items used as weapons i.e. gun, knife etc.1st offence: Dismissal & report to police
7. Willful destruction of property; deliberate damage to furniture, equipment, school owned books, etc.1st offence: Parent-Teacher conference & replacement or repair of items.
2nd offence: External suspension & replacement or repair of items.
3rd offence: Replacement or repair of items and dismissal.
8. Writing graffiti/defacing of walls, desks, furniture, writing/drawing on books etc.1st offence: Pay for cost of repairing or replacement
2nd offence: Internal/external suspension with cleaning duties of defaced walls/desk/furniture.
9. Physical assault on fellow students, members of staff and their families.1st offence: Written apology, suspension for two weeks. Upon return, counselling for one week
2ndoffence: Two weeks external suspension. Upon return, counselling for two weeks
3rd offence: Dismissal.
10. Molestation, bullying, fighting disrespect to: authorities, teachers, peers, etc.1st offence: 1 day external suspension & Parent notification
2nd offence: 1 week suspension & Parent notification
3rd offence: Dismissal
11. Wearing of coloured nail polish/artificial nails1st offence: Students will be given one day to remove.
12. 6.2 Wearing odd jewelry and wearing more than a pair of earrings while in uniform (wrist watches are exempted)
** Boys are not allowed to wear earrings or neck chains.
**Girls are not allowed to wear dangling earring
1st offence: Students will be asked to remove the item(s) and be counselled
2nd offence: External suspension for 3 days
13. Possession/ use of alcohol or cigarettes1st offence: Counselling & 1 week external suspension for alcohol or cigarettes.
14.Possession, use or supply of illicit drugs1st offence: Dismissal & report to police
15.Driving or riding a motor bike to school1st offence: Parents will be notified
2nd offence: 2 days external suspension
16. Sexual misconduct, display of intimacy, kissing, display of open affection, etc.1st offence: Warning in writing
2nd offence: Counselling or dismissal for serious cases.
17. Late arrival to Exams Hall (15 mins before paper starts)Student will not be allowed to the Exams Hall.
18. Pregnant student (Final year students who have been registered will not be allowed to come write their exams in school unless an alternative venue can be provided)Any student found to be pregnant will be suspended/dismissed If it is established that any male student is responsible, he will be dismissed