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British International School organized a leadership seminar on 16th February 2024 at the Secondary auditorium and the theme for this leadership seminar was “Skills impact: developing emotional intelligence.” The guest speaker was Ms. Stella Gyimah Larbi, a renowned skills impact facilitator. Her well-groomed and inspirational session with the secondary department students had a profound effect, and as a result, following the program, the students requested to share their insights. Below are a few responses:

• Diyan Abariga (Year 9) – “No one is too young or incapable of what they dream of achieving.”

• Bree Oyetunde (Year 7) – “Control your emotions, such as sexual emotions.”

• Dorcas Aboagye Asante (Year 13) – “My eyes and ears are the door to my heart so I need to guard them.”

• Kaylah Archer (Year 9) – “I need to associate with the right people.”

• Brian Osikani Aseidu (Year 11) – “I must identify my triggers.”

• Michaela Asamoah-Boateng (Year 10) – “I need to set goals and targets and work toward achieving them.

• Alexia Yaa Nyame (Year 11) – “I learnt how to be responsible”

• Nana Akosua Serwaa Nyarko (Year 7) – “The people you interact with effect with the shape of your tomorrow.”

• Zipporah Addei (Year 13) – “I learnt that association determines how your character is built up and how people view you.”

• Ethan Hameed (Year 8) – “Having sexual thoughts at my age is very normal.”

• Darleen Kabason (Year 12) – “I learnt that to fly like an eagle, I need to set goals, be obedient and associate with the right people.”


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